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Shenzhen office rents Gains the lead nationwide

Date: 2016-01-02

Recently, Jones lang lasalle released the latest data show that in the first quarter of 2015, the average grade a office rentals of shenzhen from rose 4.7% to 256 yuan/square meters per month, monthly rise has lasted nine quarter lead other first-tier cities in China.Influenced by the economic downturn and the impact of the electricity, the retail property market weakness, rents rose just 0.6% month-on-month.Former sea snakes mouth, on the other hand, the establishment of a free trade area led demand in the bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse rents surged.
, according to a report in the first quarter of 2015, shenzhen has two project delivery use grade a offices, respectively, are located in the futian central district taiping finance building and SCC in midtown houhai state holdings in the center, makes the class a office building in the city the total stock increased to 3.33 million square meters.Two new projects in the market, making the city's overall grade a office vacancy rate from 3.0% last quarter climbed to 6.7% this quarter.
Shenzhen overall office market demand remains strong, this quarter net up of 108000 square meters, including grade a office market sales volume was bigger, which is about 2.5 times in the same period last year., managing director of Jones lang lasalle shenzhen Xia Chunyi said, this is mainly benefited from the former "good policy."By the end of march, in the enterprise has more than 2.5, is the end of last year added up to 5000, the shenzhen office leasing market demand potential power as a whole."
The rent, the first quarter of the city's average monthly rent rose 4.7% to 256 yuan per square metre per month, nine quarters leading domestic other first-tier cities.Among them, in shenzhen futian district has the highest rents in all area.Xia Chunyi predicted that if the futian central district office rents to keep such growth, years to rent levels in Shanghai CBD will be possible.
Benefit from the former "good policy factors, Xia Chunyi will expect more and more enterprises set up in shenzhen office or expansion, demand for grade a office buildings will continue strong.Combined with higher percentage over the next 12 months mainly for enterprise self-used headquarters will be put into use, forecasting net up will rise sharply.But this DaTiLiang supply is higher at the end of the year citywide vacancy rate to 9% - 11% level.And for the rent, the next class a office rents in the city will continue to maintain in double-digit increase, from 12% to about 12%.