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Regus deepen the layout Flexible office support shenzhen free trade area development

Date: 2016-01-02

As a global leading brands, flexible office space provider regus serviced office center in China developing rapidly in recent years, high-profile.Recently, the Regus Regus press conference will be held in shenzhen, plan layout more center in shenzhen.According to Regus south China area marketing director Liang Minyu (Monty Leung), according to ms Regus Regus has important business district in shenzhen city and prosperous business district with the mature development plans, will accelerate the overall layout in shenzhen, south China and even the whole district.With Regus Regus speed up the pace of global business development, by the end of February 2015, the domestic open center has over 27 cities, more than 100.
This activity not only attracted media attention on the provincial and municipal level, green group marketing manager ms love, green dragon, leasing director Mr Zhongyou group on behalf of, on behalf of China resources group, China real estate representative, catic real estate representative, DTZ representatives, and many other guests are invited to attend.Shenzhen NEO operation management center general manager Mr Ma Yong, regus NEO building customer representative in the center CA vc (Cyber Agent Ventures) shenzhen company general manager ms Yang Yi is to share with you the cooperation and friendship with regus.