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"A week" "friendly fire" cross-border children parents suggested that visit to sign a sign to six months

Date: 2016-01-02

A week in Hong Kong "one line" after the implementation of the New Deal, in addition to government clearly aimed at "water guest", nearly twenty thousand cross-border the children's parents have said was "friendly fire".They will choose "visit" sign, but every three months to apply for the "window period" during a headache, parents suggested "visit" extended to six months at least.And the children's grandparents faced no policy support to deep port shuttle back and forth every day, or they will choose with that rent a house in Hong Kong.
The lack of "transition" to let parents headache in the middle
The night before last, the net friend "mysterious" news network "shenzhen BBS Posting" called for in shenzhen, hope to be able to discriminate between cross-border schoolchildren family "a week" policy in Hong Kong.
The net friend said in a post, cross-border children go to school in Hong Kong, there are many kinds of situation need to parents from Hong Kong many times.Children in Hong Kong kindergartens, schools, for example, in case of small problem such as headache falls, the teacher will be a port of call for parents take children to go home, meet with more serious damage, the child's guardian must also be present immediately;Hong Kong schools often organize various parent-child fraternity, parents Open Day, both parents to school to attend more get the favour of the university;May to September each year is Hong Kong each big kindergarten and small one to choose the school period, the process is not difficult to choose the school for a day or two for parents, to be solved tend to run for a few days or even months.
Because the net friend just get Hong Kong visa again, already from the original "more than a sign" became "a week", between the lack of "transition" and let the emotionally difficult to accept.
"Mysterious", says the next will be to handle can "visit" visa many times.But even if apply now, for the first time to deal with also need to wait for ten working days.
Grandma and grandpa can't shuttle back and forth many times
As mentioned in the net friend to Hong Kong to cross-border schoolchildren, according to statistics, there are nearly 20000 people.
Many cross-border children parents choose not to sit cross-border bus, ferry.In "a week" the New Deal before, these parents often hold two visa multiple port.One is more than a sign "line", is a kind of "visit visa".
Who lives in nan shan's chan told reporters that she had been select "more than a sign line" children.For "visit visa" back and forth many times within three months, only need to be dealt with again after maturity, and not "renewal" on the net, some relative problems.
The reporter understands from the shenzhen public security bureau, deep to visit Hong Kong residents to apply for "visit visa" refers to "visit to settle in Hong Kong or macau, relatives of the long-term living, studying or employment".So-called "relatives" includes: spouse, parent or spouse's parents, children or children of spouses, brothers and sisters, (outside), grandparents, grandchildren (outside).
It is important to note that only cross-border children parents can visa three months "visit" for many times, and children () my grandparents can only apply once every three months.
This means that many of the past by grandparents undergrounds cross-border schoolchildren, will no longer appear in the future.Another possibility is that citizens like longgang Mr. Liao said, pay a high rent in Hong Kong, let the child's grandmother choose with that rent a house in Hong Kong.
If cross-border the children's parents want to undergrounds, can only choose one to resign.
Cross-border bus on brewing
A week because of "a line" the New Deal implementation, forcing many special parents to give up yourself, and let the child take cross-border bus.In fact, cross-border bus already on brewing.
The reporter understands, cross-border bus has been in short supply, cost rises every year.Live in luohu, Mr Zhang said he read children water in Hong Kong in a kindergarten, school fare is $800 a month last year, has risen to 1000 yuan this year, "I heard that in September".
It is understood that the more famous aunt li, Huang Jing Hong, yellow too cross-border bus companies such as relevant responsible person said, in September this year the price hasn't appeared, but the price is inevitable trend.In addition, depending on the kindergarten, and the choice of port customs clearance is different, the price also will have bigger difference.Huang Jing Hong cross-border bus relevant responsible person, to the lo wu customs to be more expensive than go dahuang port from 200 to 400 yuan.The personage inside course of study is expected to increase at least once a month to 200 yuan.
Suggest a sign "visit" sign to six months
Because many cross-border children parents told reporters that children has been in the "sandwich class" status.Now situation already exists, no children from identity, kids are innocent.
For the sake of their children to school, parents will choose these deep door to deal with in Hong Kong "visit visa".But many times "visit" sign must be once every three months to renew, and are not online, and need to wait for 7 working days."Free will certainly window among this period, our parents are through QQ group, BBS for children find alumni, hope visa" window period "pick-up parents can to help each other."Parents chan told reporters.
These cross-border the children's parents hope that the two governments can provide cross-border students with more green channel, and called for the port can be changed to "visit" sign system, Suggestions from 3 months to a year, to at least six months.