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Domestic airline delays: Shenzhen airport, the normal rate of 76.56% ranked tenth

Date: 2015-04-22

The Civil Aviation Authorityannounced in March the domesticairlinedelays

76%the normalrateranked tenth in Shenzhen

The plane,a lot of peopledo not wantthe flight delay.National Civil AviationBureau recentlyissued adomestic airlines,thenewairportnormalrate statistics.The resultsshowed that,in 2015Marchthemain airportnormalaveragereleaserate of 74.02%,representing a decrease of 12.7%;among them,ShenzhenAirport Flightsnormal rate of76.56%,ranked tenth in the sameairport.

Large airportnormalratethansmall airportis low

According to thecivil aviation industry,passenger throughputand releasethe normal rateis not necessarily related,butthe normal rate ofmost largeairportstend to do better than thesmall airportis low.Thereport shows,in the domestic each bigairport,passenger throughput of10 million(inclusive)above theairport,therelease punctuality rateis generally not high.

In March this year,for example,the Kunming airporttothe normalrate of 89.31%in the first row,punctuality ratein more than 80% of theairport is only6,the worst for theSanya airport,the normalrate of only 47.9%.In March this year,the Shenzhen airportto release thenormalrate of 76.56%,in the same row ofthe airporttenth.Two months ago,Shenzhen airportnormalratewas 73.64%(in February)and 80.85%(January),in the same row ofthe airport's ninthbit and seventh bit.

The latest data from the nationalcivil aviation authorityalsorefutedChinesemainlandairportpunctualityreporthalf a monthbefore the foreign mediadisclosure.

3 at the end ofthis year,local mediaquoted theAmericanFlightStats surveydata,in61 of the world's largestairport,flightpunctuality rate ofthe lowest 7are from themainlandChinaairport.In the case of Hongqiao airport,Hongqiaoairport,Wen said,punctuality rateis only 37.17%,while the nationalcivil aviationbureaurecently released data show,Hongqiao airportin recent 3months ofthe release ofthe normalrate of 72.4%(March),72.3%(February),80.79%(January).

According to reports,in recent years,the civil aviation sectorhas beento improveflight punctuality rate,but peoplecomplaining aboutflight delaysbut neverreduce.Deputy director of the ShenzhenChinesecivil aviationsafety supervision and ManagementBureau Wang Yusongin an interview with Nanfang Daily reportersaid:"the factwe have to admitthe flight delay,the civil aviation authorityalso doingcomprehensive evaluation ofairportsecurity,butto improve flight punctuality ratedoes nothappen overnight."